Our Story.

  "If understanding how we walk is so crucial in healthcare,   why are there no good tools to analyse walking !?"  

It all began in the winter of 2012 when a PhD student at Halmstad University sought out asking a simple question.

Over the next 6 years, we invented Walkbeat for both humans & animals and in January 2018 founded VectorizeMove to bring the benefits of advanced gait analysis to peoples' daily lives in a simple, understandable way. 

Towards Sustainable Healthcare.

So why do we do it?


At VectorizeMove we believe in creating a better future for both, humans and animals. Everyday, we strive forward to innovate technologies that drive us towards sustainable healthcare.


As the next generation of dreamers, these are not just words for us but thoughts in action.

Walkbeat Animals.

Reduce cost and time by early intervention.

Minimize errors and better diagnosis.

Reduce transportation.

Improve quality of life of the animal. 

Improve your own quality of life by knowing more and worrying less.

Communicate better with all stakeholders.

Walkbeat Humans.

Enable early detection and timely intervention.

Better decision-making and support in diagnosis.

Improve rehabilitation and recovery.

Reduce waiting times.

Deliver better, personalized care.

Further R&D with gait as a biomarker. 

Faster drug development with real-world clinical trials. 

Enhance quality of life for both, patients and caregivers.

Meet the Team.

Joao Bentes

Lead Software, Co-founder

MSc Computer Science

Joao is the software guardian that keeps the bugs out and always has a smile on his face while solving the most complex of problems. Originally from Brazil, with 9+ years of experience in leading projects in Games & IoT, he usually lives in the cloud with his bottle of Cola or rocking music with his band.

Siddhartha Khandelwal

CEO, Founder

PhD Signal & Systems

MSc Robotics & Control

Sid is the charismatic guy who dreams and inspires everyone around him while making all gears turn and work together like clockwork. Having lived in 5 countries with roots in India, he has a diverse background of working in startups, doing research, building robots & leading organisations. Off duty, you may spot him on the dance floor on those rare occasions.

Jackson Malcolm

Sales, Business development

MSc Entrepreneurship & Business

Jackson has a gift for understanding people and their needs. He is the 'cool guy' that everyone likes to hang around. With a background in sustainability, corporate entrepreneurship and a skilled baker by trade; he originates from New Zealand and enjoys lively conversations about Maori culture.

Brenden Kirby

Lead Hardware

BSc Electrical Engineering

If Arnold Schwarzenegger was an electrical engineer, he would be called Brenden. With 6+ years of experience in building electrical power systems, he creates the green PCB that powers Walkbeat. Half Swedish-half American, you will probably find him in the gym or lost somewhere in nature with a fishing line.

Rebecka Elander

Equine expert

MSc student Biomedical Engineering

BSc Equine Science

Not many of us speak horse but Rebecka is our 'horse whisperer'. With a background in equine science, biomechanics, competitive riding and training, she wants to improve the quality of life for horses. Anchored firmly in Sweden, she always brings along her laughter and positive attitude wherever she goes.

Our Funders & Partners.



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