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Our Story
Research, Innovation, Users

VectorizeMove started in Jan 2018 as a spin-off from a PhD dissertation at Halmstad University, Sweden. For our research, we were using state-of-the art wearable platforms for analyzing the gait behaviour of patients with mobility disorders. However, we were increasingly frustrated with the extremely low usability of wearable devices and poor movement analysis algorithms that seemed to work only in highly controlled environments such as lab corridors. 


So we stepped-up and took upon ourselves the challenge of creating wearables that our users would love; along with developing rich, robust and reliable algorithms that actually work in everyday life, making it truly possible to provide personalized care at affordable costs!

Focus on Sustainability

Our service and goals are aligned with SDG 3.4, 3.8 in promoting mental health, well-being, access to quality health services at affordable cost; leading to safer practices, shortened waiting times and effective healthcare systems with better resource allocation.


We implement innovative scientific research; significantly upgrading the technical capability of the equine and personalized healthcare industries as per SDG 9.5


By producing hardware in-house we can control production to promote the use of circular design concepts with SDG 12.5 to reduce waste generation. Our goal is to make our products in the most sustainable and useable way we can!

Our Team


Business Development & Sales

Jackson Malcolm


Field Expert (Equestrian), Rider

Isabelle Backman


Hardware Manager

Brenden Kirby


Software Architect, Co-founder

João Bentes


CEO, Founder

Siddhartha Khandelwal

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