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Bringing gait analysis to everyday life - for both humans and animals.

Challenge the norm.

Movement-related issues and injuries lead to deviations from normal walking behaviour.

Analysing walking patterns, also known as gait, is crucial and a standard procedure in many healthcare segments such as mobility disorders, rehabilitation, performance training, clinical trials, R&D and more.  

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However, even in 21st century caregivers are compelled to make critical decisions by relying only on their subjective experience.


There are no good objective tools available for fast, reliable decision-making in their daily practice!

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Bringing disruptive innovation to life.

After 6+ years of R&D, VectorizeMove provides Walkbeat. 


Just like heartbeat provides information about the heart, Walkbeat shows you your gait patterns in a simple, understandable way; leading to better decision-making and support in diagnosis. 

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The new status quo.

Walkbeat shows a unique gait signature for all moving beings on the planet - humans and animals.

Included in the top 100 innovations of 2019 by the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, Walkbeat is world's first easy-to-use wearable solution that analyses gait on the go, giving you deep insights within minutes. 

What's more...? It's all in real-time so you can visualise results anytime, anywhere in the world.

The Walkbeat effect.

Have you ever wondered how you walk?

Walkbeat Humans

Walkbeat allows you to store your normal walking pattern as a baseline and make objective comparisons with new trials. 

Why? Because short-term and long-term deviations in gait can be used to assess:

- the quality of rehabilitation

- evaluate the severity of mobility disorders

- conduct real-world clinical trials 

- assess recovery period after an injury 

- test change of shoes and much more.


What does their walking style say about their well-being?

Walkbeat allows you to store your animals' normal walking pattern in different situations as a baseline and routinely check for any deviations.

Intervene early! Don't wait too long. Prevention is better than cure.

Why? Animals such as horses and dogs usually cannot speak and tell us about their problems! Following their movement patterns can give precise information about the status of their well being.


For horses, gait deviations can help in:

- early detection of lameness 

- support in diagnosis 

- check proper shoeing and saddle fit 

- correct riding technique

- improve performance 

- have a gait history during buying and selling of horses

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