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Bringing gait analysis to everyday life - for both humans and animals.

Challenge the norm.

Movement-related issues and injuries lead to deviations from normal walking behaviour.

Analysing walking patterns, also known as gait, is crucial and a standard procedure in many healthcare segments such as mobility disorders, rehabilitation, performance training, clinical trials, R&D and more.  

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However, even in 21st century caregivers are compelled to make critical decisions by relying only on their subjective experience.


There are no good objective tools available for fast, reliable decision-making in their daily practice!

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The new status quo.

Walkbeat shows a unique gait signature for all moving beings on the planet - humans and animals.

Included in the top 100 innovations by the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, Walkbeat is world's first easy-to-use wearable solution that analyses gait on the go, giving you deep insights within seconds. 

It's all in real-time so you can visualise results anytime, anywhere in the world.

Why and How.

According to WHO, 1 out of 6 people on the planet suffer from mobility issues during their lifetime.


And yet, for over a Billion+ humans and animals, gait assessment is still subjective as no good objective tools are available, either for caregivers or patients!


Sounds strange? Here is a short video explaining how Walkbeat aims to alleviate this growing global challenge. 

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