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Our Vision

We want to shake up the rehabilitation paradigm of both, humans and animals by providing continuous, high-quality, clinically relevant, objective gait analysis in everyday life;

to both patients and care-givers at affordable costs.​

Why Us ?

With strong innovation, the core of our technological strength lies in our understanding of gait in both clinical and real-world settings, expertise in wearable technology and reliable, robust & accurate movement analysis algorithms that actually work in real-world settings. 

What We Do

Wearable Devices

Design optimised, user-friendly hardware devices equipped with motion sensors that can be worn on the body

Mobile App

Delivering the results of the analysis instantaneously and making it remotely accessible anytime, anywhere across the globe

Gait Database

A world-class gait database delivering deeper, long-term and intelligent insights into user behaviour

Application Areas

Continuously monitor, track and evaluate efficacy of interventions for patients suffering from mobility disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and stroke, among others in both clinical settings and real-world environments. 

Mobility disorders

Reliable, easy-to-use service for early detection and verification of lameness, monitoring and tracking recovery to decide when the horse is ready for training or racing.

Equestrian sports
Our Team

A group of dreamers striving towards one singular focus: To design and deliver experiences to improve the quality of life of our users 

Our Partners
Recognition & Awards
Latest News

VectorizeMove wins the Best Traction Award in VentureCup Sweden national finals!

Sep 24, 2019

VectorizeMove wins the Best Traction Award at VentureCup national finals for its breakthrough innovation, strong team and global commercial potential.

SKAPA Priset

March 13, 2019

Siddhartha Khandelwal, Founder and CEO of VectorizeMove is awarded the SKAPA Priset from Halland. Founded in memory of Alfred Nobel, SKAPA is Sweden's highest and most prestigious prize for entrepreneurs. 

IVA's top 100 list 

March 20, 2019

VectorizeMove selected to be in IVAs top 100 list of high impact research-based innovations by the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences. 

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